Real Estate Photography is IMPORTANT!

I wasn’t planning to add a new post about Real Estate Photography here today, but I saw couple house photos when I was browsing Trulia. They were horrible! I’m not talking about the houses, the photos. Actually there’s no way that I can say anything about the houses, because from the photos there is no way that I can understand anything.

Real Estate Photography Tips

Please keep in mind the importance of real estate photography when you are trying to sell your property. There are a handful of tips that I can give you quickly regarding to the real estate photography, please take a look below:

  1. Don’t forget the target audience! You are trying to sell the property to someone, whom has never been in that house / apartment before. Those people don’t know where is the hallway, where is the entrance, etc. Don’t assume that they know the inside of the house.
  2. Use as much light as possible. Try to take pictures daytime. If not possible, or if the property is not getting enough light; turn on all the lights, and also bring additional lights.
  3. Use a DSLR camera. All of our phones have camera these days, but don’t try to do everything with your little phone. Of course there will be some cases that you will need to take a quick photo with your phone, but real estate photography brings people to the house. Buy a mid class photo camera and use it. You don’t need a professional camera, couple hundred US dollars would be enough. Check the Amazon page.
  4. Use more than 1 flash if needed. Usually 1 flash is enough for small areas or rooms. But if the room is big, then your 1 flash won’t be enough for your photos.
  5. Use a wide angle lens! This is super important. If you use a regular lens, your picture won’t show the depth in the photo, and the visibility will be super small. For your own business advantage, please use a wide angle lens.
  6. Use landscape orientation as much as possible!
  7. Dedicate at least 2-3 hours for the photo shoot. Don’t forget, this time will help you to sell the property fast. Spend couple extra hours on real estate photography, and cut the selling time by days, weeks or even months!
  8. Don’t forget to take photos of these items:
    1. Each stainless steel appliances
    2. A close up for granite countertop
    3. A close up for the flooring and carpets
    4. A close up for the cabinets for the storage space
    5. Views from the windows
  9. Don’t forget to show the photos to someone who doesn’t know the property. Feedback is super important, before publishing them on internet.


Real Estate Photography ‘bad’ Examples

Here are some examples of ‘bad’ real estate photography. These houses are on the market currently (September 2016). For not having legal issues with the owners, I’m not giving the addresses of the properties. If you are involved with any of these properties and want me to remove the pictures, please let me know – I will remove them immediately.


Real Estate Photography- Bad Photo Examples 1

Real Estate Photography – Terrible Photo Examples 1

This is my -bay far- the favorite!

What is on sale? The house? Or the bookshelf? Is this a photo from Craigslist? No… Unfortunately this is a photo from Trulia… I feel sorry for the homeowner.


Real Estate Photography - Bad Photo Examples 2

Real Estate Photography – Bad Photo Examples 2

Which part of the house is this? A room, or the dining room? Any ideas?



Real Estate Photography – Bad Photo Examples 3

Again which part is this? Entrance? or hallway on the second floor?



Real Estate Photography – Bad Photo Examples 4

Where is the entrance to the bathroom? Are there 2 toilets? Where is  the shower?


Real Estate Bad Photo Examples 5

Real Estate Photography – Bad Photo Examples 5

Again similar questions: which part of the house is this? Entrance? how big is it? any closets for shoes and jackets?


Real Estate Bad Photo Examples 6

Real Estate Photography – Bad Photo Examples 6

What is this? A storage space from basement? Or a walk in closet?


Real Estate Bad Photo Examples 7

Real Estate Photography – Bad Photo Examples 7

What a beauty. I just want to go an buy this house…


Real Estate Bad Photo Examples 8

Real Estate Photography – Bad Photo Examples 8

Wow, this room has a corner :-)) I don’t know how big the room is, but who cares? I know it has a corner 😉


Do you notice these types of problems when you are looking for an house online? Any more suggestions that you can provide for other visitors of my site? Please let us know below, comments section.