Want to Sell Your House Fast? You Can with These Tips!

Do you want or need to sell your house fast? Whatever the reason is for you to sell your home fast, don’t feel too stressed about it. You can certainly sell your home fast and still get a good price for it. Here are some tips you can easily follow to do just that.

Show Your Home in Its Best Light

Improve your homes exterior appeal

Improve your homes exterior appeal

If time permits, do what you can to improve your home’s exterior and interior appeal. This can be as easy as cleaning up any tools or toys or old patio furniture that has been sitting outside for ages. Trim any hedges or shrubs, and make sure the lawn grass looks tidy.

If you can, you might plant a few impatiens or another simple-to-care-for flower that will grow nicely in your area. Adding some color to walkways or around porches and patios will help improve the home’s visual appeal.

If anything is in obvious disrepair fix it up. For example, a garage door with obvious paint chips and scratches would do to be spruced up with a coat of paint. If your porch has a loose wooden step, fix it. Hang some flowers in baskets or add artificial plants in large planters wherever it helps bring a cheerful look to your home’s exterior.

You could also paint the exterior of your home before listing it, but if you are in a hurry you might not have time to do this. Just clean up the exterior as best you can instead. It can go a long way towards improving the way your home looks to a buyer. That can mean getting your first offer faster than you otherwise would.

Make the inside of your home look neat as well. If you can pay for a professional home staging, invest in it. If not, there are simple things you can do to make your home show-ready. Do your best to take down family photos and remove clutter from every room. Arrange flowers in vases to accent empty corners.

The more you can make the property look attractive but neutral, the better. You want potential buyers to walk in and envision themselves sitting in the living room or cooking in the kitchen. They might get distracted if you have huge collages of your family hanging everywhere. Don’t take it personally. The sooner you sell, the sooner you can re-hang all of your photos in your brand new home.


Make Sure the Price is Right to Sell Your House Fast

to Sell Your House Fast Make sure the house price is right

to Sell Your House Fast Make sure the house price is right

If you want to sell your home without a delay, make sure you price it correctly. It is always tempting to think that since you put in new kitchen cabinets and floors that you can ask thousands more. But, remember that while you take pride in your home and want it to go for the most money possible, real estate prices are driven by economic conditions as well as financial ones. Buyers are typically only going to pay a certain price range for any home in your town or neighborhood. That’s just the way the market works.

Hopefully, you are selling your home at a time when it is a true sellers’ market. That means that properties are in such demand that buyers are more likely to pay over the asking price of just about any property that goes up on the market. If this is the case, then you should not have a problem pricing your home at top-dollar and still be able to sell it quickly. If you are not sure what market conditions are prevailing consult a local real estate agent for more information.

If you are in the middle of a buyers’ market, you can still get your home into escrow without a big wait. You just need to price it more competitively. Are you willing to accept a few thousand dollars less? If that is the type of concession you are willing to make, then you are much more likely to sell your home in a lot less time than most other sellers.

Does the carpeting look worn or could the walls use a fresher paint job? Be willing to offer a prospective buyer a credit towards small fixes. Most buyers want a home that is move-in ready, but there are frugal buyers everywhere who are willing to do a little something in return for a great deal on a home. Again, for more help you should consult your local realty company for advice. Pricing your home right is the key towards selling it quickly.


Contact Cash Home Buyer Companies

Buy your house cash companiesYou have seen commercials and signs posted on telephone poles for these companies. “We Pay Cash” for homes they read  (Take a look: Sell My Home Fast Companies: How They Work?). But, are these companies legitimate? In some instances, they are. In others, they might be legitimate offers for cash purchases on properties, but they are being made by individual investors. Lots of times these are investors that are relatively new to the idea of real estate investing, so you will want to be careful.

However, there are companies that are licensed and experienced at paying sellers cash for their homes. There are some caveats. First, some of these companies are actually backed by big bank names. They will want to pay the least amount for your home to you so that they can put a nominal sum back into the home to either sell it or rent it. If you have to make a decent cut on your home’s sale price, this might not be an option for you. If you are willing to take an all-cash deal from a reputable home buying outfit, the benefits include a speedy closing.

Remember that most individual buyers will be buying your home with financing. Sometimes financing deal or mortgage offers fall through due to circumstances unforeseen to the buyer at the time they make a firm offer to purchase your home. Sometimes banks and lenders just need more documentation or inspection reports done which also contribute to a longer escrow period. If you really need to sell your home quickly, consider the benefits of selling it for cash. You will not have to endure any hang ups or disappointments that can sometimes accompany a financed purchase.


Get an Experienced Real Estate Agent on Your Side


Another cost that some sellers want to avoid once the home sells is that of a real estate agent’s commission. It is true that an agent gets approximately 6 percent of the sales price, but that cost is negotiable and the value of a real estate agent can be worth so much. If you try to list and sell your home on your own and you have no prior real estate experience you could be in for more problems and delays than if you were to work with a licensed agent.

They know how to listen to your needs and wants and are there to work for you until your home is sold for the best price. These individuals know your market conditions. They also know other agents who know other buyers. Most agents work with buyers that have been prequalified for a loan with a reputable lender. They can bring the right buyers to your door, and those that are serious about buying property not just browsing.

When you have to sell a house fast, you want it shown only to those people who have a desire to buy and buy right away. Your real estate agent can find these people for you. That alone is well worth the price you will pay to get your home sold fast.

If you are willing to work with a Real Estate Agent, find yours from our US agents list. More information on how to pick a real estate agent: How To Select A Real Estate Company To Sell Your House