Tips on how to select a real estate company (agent) to buy a house

When you need to be sure that you are able to get the most out of your home buying purchase, you will need to reach out to a real estate agent that can look out for you. This can be an incredibly critical moment in the decision to get a home of your own, and is the backbone to a lot of different steps that will help you get the home that you need. Follow these guidelines below and take advantage of them as you move forward to purchase a new home of your own.


#1: Compile A Strong List Of Candidates To Do Business With

Once you have begun searching for your real estate agent, it is critical that you do more than simply hone in on one candidate. Instead, set up a list of plenty of candidates that could possibly help you find the house that you need. It is better to have more options, so that you can later narrow them down and give yourself the help needed to stick to a specific criteria. More options are always good, so take the time and energy to set up a list of the best that you can find.


#2: Look Up Their License To Make Sure They Are Legally Able To Guide You

Licensed Real Estate Agent is important to sell your real estate.

Licensed Real Estate Agent is important to sell your real estate.

When you need to be sure that you have the right real estate agent, a lot of that boils down to first making sure that their license is in good standing. This will allow you to be sure that they are properly able to assist you with any kind of dealing that you have.

These professionals are excellent at the work that they provide so be sure that you do not hire an agent whose license is past due or if they have suspensions or complaints on the license.

How to check a Real Estate Agent’s License?

With a little work (actually just 2 steps), you can find about a real estate agent’s honesty. You can check whether the real estate agent is giving you a wrong picture about his/her abilities, strengths and background. By using this information, you can determine whether you want to hire that real estate agent, or keep looking another one.

  • Look Up An Agent’s Real Estate License: A great place to start is The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials ( You can use this site regardless of your State. If your results show “no data” just click on the name to get the license number. Sometimes this site does not provide accurate dates, but the license numbers are always correct (if you see a mistake, please let me know. So I can change this page, to better help to my other readers).

Now you have the real estate agent’s license number. It is time to go to your state’s licensing division. Do a search in Google for “[state name] real estate licensing division“. Then look for license verification area of the site and enter the license number the you found in the previous web page. This will tell you many more details about the agent.Some state real estate licensing divisions provide more information, such as: if complaints have been filed or whether a license has been temporarily suspended.

  • Get a Copy of The Agent’s Production Record: You can ask your agent to print this out from MLS (multiple listing service) for you or you can ask another real estate agent to do it. For example, you might discover that the agent you are considering has been falsely leading you to believe s/he is a great seller but in reality s/he sells only 2-3 homes a year. Please keep in mind that; A successful real estate agent generally sells a minimum of one home per month (which makes about 12-15 homes in a year).From the agent’s production record, you can find out:
    1. How many homes the agent has sold per year
    2. How much they sold for
    3. Where they were located.

Remember, if your agent lies about experience, listings or specialty, it is highly possible that s/he will keep lying to you along the process.


#3: Find Other People That Have Used Their Service Before

Warner Robins Real Estate Testimonials, Anita Clark Realtor LLC

Any time that you are looking to buy a house, you will need to seek referrals from people who have used their service before. There are a lot of homebuyers to turn to in order to get a good word on the prospective agent that you are looking into.

These professionals are excellent at helping people but you will need to get the work that you need done by seeking referrals from excellent professionals who have always achieved highly in their line of work. Doing this will allow you to know that the person that you hire is up to the task and able to assist you thoroughly.

Some agents list testimonials on their web sites but without client’s names. If a client isn’t comfortable having his or her name published, maybe that person isn’t a client? If you wonder whether the agent is telling you the truth, don’t hesitate to ask for client phone numbers and call for first-hand confirmation. Better to do the check before, than being sorry in the future.


#4: Be Sure That You Can Find Their Better Business Bureau Accreditation


When you’re looking to find the right real estate agent, it is critically important that you make sure that anyone you do business with is Better Business Bureau accredited (

This Better Business Bureau designation dictates that the company is fair at what they do and that they are always ethical in their practices. The Better Business Bureau gives grades A through F, so always look up a company’s ranking. Make sure that anybody you do business with is in high standing with the Better Business Bureau before deciding to reach out and do any sort of business with them.

Even if the company is not BBB accredited, you can see the number of filed complaints against to company, and their resolutions.


#5: Look Into The Fees That Each Prospective Real Estate Agent Offers

Any time that you reach out to a real estate company to get the most out of a house purchase, you should also get a clear indication of how much they will charge in fees.

Each real estate company and agent charges a variety of different fees, so this means that you should do business with someone whose fees are favorable when it comes to your budget. Make this a large priority when you shop around with different real estate agent so that they are able to give you a fair deal on any sort of business you’re looking to do with them.


#6: Get A Clear Idea Of How Long The Real Estate Company Has Been In Business

One of the main criteria you need to keep in mind when choosing your real estate company is the amount of time that they have been in business.

By looking into this criteria, you will make sure that they have the experience to handle any kind of matter you have in mind. The last thing you want to do is reach out to a business that is too inexperienced to help you out with the matters that you are looking into when purchasing a house.

Make sure that they have a long standing within your community and beyond at providing people with all the real estate help that they need. A company that has been around for a long time will be exactly what you require when searching for a real estate professional who will land you the best deal for you.


#7: Browse The Listings That Each Agent Have Currently Posted

In order to be sure you are finding the best deals possible, you should look to the listings in your area from as many sources as possible.

Look strictly into the listings that your prospective real estate agent has posted, and compare with other listings. This way, you can compare the listing types, listing details and their quality, with other real estate agents’.


#8: Be Sure That They Are Technologically Savvy

Technologically-Savvy-Real-Estate-AgentIn 2016 and beyond, any real estate agent that you do business with must be up-to-date with all technology. When I say technology, I mean accessibility (I remember my first home buying process. I was able to reach out to my agent almost at midnight, and I was filling the offer forms after midnight) and social media usage.

You need to be sure that your real estate agent is also instantly accessible so that you are able to pull the trigger on deals or get the ball rolling without having to worry about old-school 9-to-5 logistics. By having a real estate agent that is always locked in, you will get the opportunity to truly get the most out of the work that they provide on a regular basis and will increase your likelihood of finding the property that you would like to purchase at terms that you can agree upon.

Social media is super important these days. Add your real estate agent to your facebook, twitter, google+ accounts. Check her/his postings and number of followers. If a real estate agent has a social media account, mainly posting on real estate area with thousands of followers; it means that agent is utilizing the social media as  much as possible.


#9: Get A Feel For Their Personalty And Make Sure That It Jibes With You

Even though you’re conducting business, a home search is a very personal matter. For this reason, you need to be sure that any real estate agent that you hire has a personality and sensibility that you feel comfortable working with.

This way, you will be able to have peace of mind as you go through each and every interaction and will put yourself in a greater position to land the home since the working relationship is more conducive to your needs.


#10: Be Sure That Your Real Estate Agent Is A Full Time Professional

You should also be definitely sure that this is what they do for a full-time living.

Since anyone who takes the test can receive a real estate license, it is clear that not all real estate professionals are created equal. If someone is handling real estate as a side project or not to the extent of the serious competitors in your area, you should avoid them at all costs.

You need the help of a real estate agent that is in this full time and giving all of their time and energy to this line of work if you hope to have this sort of representation that you need.


#11: Make Sure That They Know Lay Of The Land In Each Neighborhood

It is also critical to do business with a real estate agent that truly understands the area.

They will be up to help you and less conventional ways and it will also expedite the process since they are also familiar with the schools, businesses, and zoning requirements and other logistical issues that go into purchasing a home.


So as you can see, these guidelines are very important if you are looking to purchase a nice piece of real estate. This is apart of the dream for many people, so if anyone wants to purchase a home, these are the guidelines that will be critical to follow. So choose your real estate company and agent as wisely as you can. Follow these tips to the best of your ability and give yourself the opportunity to do the best possible real estate deal.

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