Give us a link

Do you want to change your company’s logo in the map (as you can see on ) and to be listed on top of the list for your State? Just give us a link from your website, and let us know.



Here is the example link:

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US Real Estate Companies by State – a real estate information web site loaded with real estate information for buyers, sellers and the realtors, located at

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When you change your company icon, basically you are improving your click-through-rate for free. Also, we are listing your company on top of the list, right below the map.

Obviously, if all the companies change their logo, the positive effect will be gone. That’s why, we are limiting the number of companies which can update their logo on our map. Also, if there is already a company in a neighborhood with an updated logo, we are -unfortunately- not accepting any other company’s application. That’s why, if you area is free, just take an action and be the company with special logo on the map!

After you add the link, please let us know ([email protected]). We will review your site, and do the necessary.

Many thanks 🙂