Hurricane Matthew Threatens 2M Homes

As of Friday morning, Hurricane Matthew was nearing the coast of Florida, threatening to wipe out homes along the coasts of Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. CoreLogic, a real estate data firm, estimates that nearly 2 million homes in the path of the hurricane are at risk of storm surge damage. The hurricane has the potential to cause about $200 billion in damage in real estate from those four states.

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Officials say Hurricane Matthew is now expected to make landfall as a Category 3 with maximum winds up to 120 miles per hour. Forecasters are predicting a storm surge in some areas that could top 11 feet as well as 15 inches of rain that could fall.

The National Weather Service issued a warning Friday morning that some areas could be “uninhabitable for weeks or months.” 

View the chart below to see the estimated number and total value of residential properties by state that are at risk, broken down by different categories of the hurricane. 

This chart below from CoreLogic highlights the metro areas most at risk. (Note: The charts reflect the potential damage from hurricane-driven surge flooding and does not take into account any potential damage that could come from wind and rain associated with the hurricane.)

Source: CoreLogic and “Hurricane Matthew Stalks Florida Coast,” CNN (Oct. 7, 2021)

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