Real Estate Ranks Among Most Fulfilling Jobs

Real estate is one of the most fulfilling occupations you can choose, according to LinkedIn’s Work Satisfaction Survey. LinkedIn polled 1,000 U.S. professionals about their overall level of job satisfaction and what contributes to it. Real estate landed within the top five of their employment survey.

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The following are the most fulfilling careers in the U.S., according to the survey:

  1. Chef: 84% surveyed feel very or completely fulfilled at work
  2. Real estate agent: 75% fulfilled
  3. Doctor: 68% fulfilled
  4. IT consultant and support: 59%
  5. Architect: 58%

So what makes a worker feel fulfilled by their job? Survey respondents revealed the following top factors:

  • Salary
  • Positive relationships with colleagues
  • Doing work that has a positive impact
  • Work-life balance
  • Feeling challenged at work

The survey also revealed the following cities are where workers tend to feel the most fulfilled:

  1. Charlotte, N.C.
  2. Boston, Mass.
  3. Indianapolis, Ind.
  4. New York, N.Y.
  5. Denver, Colo.

Source: “The Most Fulfilling Jobs and Places to Work in the U.S.,” LinkedIn (Dec. 7, 2021)

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